I research, practice and write about housing and ageing, urbanism, society and art. 

My PhD investigated how Australia's housing industry responds to an ageing population, and the way industries engage in the politics, problems, solutions, meanings and beliefs about what a 'good old age' is.

Alongside my research I am a strategic urban designer, working on long-term large-scale precinct development to support state policy. I previously worked in visualisation and creative technology practice, directing videos and digital applications to help explain urban change and infrastructure.

In both my research and my urban practice I translate complex themes and problems into clear ideas.

I am also a generative artist. In my code-based work I explore the opportunities for viewers to interact with systems, and the potentials for story within the algorithm. I have a strong commitment to the social practices of learning programming through creative methods, and I am focused on writing, talking and teaching in this field.